Life and Justice Party

Announcing the Life and Justice Party:
“A Voice for Life, Liberty & Justice”

Our mission is simply to be a voice for God’s people. To serve the Lord and to do His will in New York State. We will defend the lives of our most vulnerable & those among us who cannot speak to defend themselves. We will defend all God given civil and constitutional rights. We will speak up for righteousness in a peaceful -yet powerful way. This is what God has put in our hearts to do. Evil only prevails when upright people do nothing to stop it. Late term abortion is part of a Godless agenda that will soon include partial birth abortion as well. We will not allow the killing of the innocent to go unchecked. We will not allow the cover up of crimes being committed against children and adults with disabilities in residential care to continue to be ignored. We are all created equal in Gods eyes and are entitled to equal rights under the constitution and equal protection under the law. We will not allow our Constitutional rights to be continuously eroded away. People of faith and moral conviction must unify. Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and beliefs which we must turn back to now. New York State is in moral decline now more than ever before, but it is Gods that we turn this around through sincere repentance. Do you agree? If this is what you know in your heart to be true, join US! Let us work together, and fight hard for Life and Justice! Let us get about our Fathers business. Our goals are simply to fight for LIFE & JUSTICE by removing UNGODLY leadership from positions of authority. We will work to organize the Religious VOTE and remove those that do not have the proper fear or reverence for the Lord and His righteous ways. We will elect those willing to protect we the people of New York State from ungodly & evil legislation. This must be accomplished as a team effort by people of faith. We call the army of God into action to do what is right and just.