Petition Instructions

This site supports the 2014 Independent Nomination Petition to create the “Life & Justice” ballot line for the upcoming elections in November 2014. The petition can be downloaded and instructions on how the petition should be circulated and returned can be found below.

Instructions for Circulation of Petitions
In circulating your petitions, please observe the following rules and regulations:
1. When approaching someone to sign just ask “Would you like to sign a petition to stop Common Core?
2. A signer MUST be a registered voter in New York State.
3. A signer MAY be registered to any party or be an independent.
4. DO ensure that all petitions are signed in ink.
5. DO have the signer sign the petition and fill in their residence address and TOWN or CITY. The signer must sign their own signature, but you MAY fill out the remaining information if needed
6. DO take note that the SIGNER must sign their full and complete signature, as is on file with the local Board of Elections. (example: Joseph J. Brown, NOT J.J. Brown)
7. DO ensure to number your dates in sequence. 7/10, 7/11. 7/12 …etc….
8. DO NOT use ditto marks anywhere on the petition sheets.
9. NEVER allow someone to sign another name.
10. DO NOT witness your own signature.
11. DO NOT give a petition to someone else to obtain signatures and then sign your name as the witness. Never allow anyone to sign another name except his/her own.
12. If possible, petitions should be printed on 8.5″ x 14″ (legal size) paper. Please DO NOT print on smaller than 8.5″ x 11″ paper. ALSO, be sure not to cut off ANY of the petition wording when printing.
13. The last column titled “Town or City (County in NYC)” should be filled in as follows:

The County not City or Borough. Or as follows:
• Manhattan = New York County
• Bronx = Bronx County
• Queens = Queens County
• Brooklyn = Kings County
• Staten Island = Richmond County

It must be TOWN OR CITY
For example: If someone lives in New City, which is a Hamlet, they should write “CLARKSTOWN” because that is the Town they reside in.
OR: If someone from Westchester lived in Peekskill, they would write “PEEKSKILL”, but if they lived just outside the city they would put “CORTLANDT” for the town.
In the case of Rye, it would not matter as the city and town are the same name.

2. DO complete the Statement of Witness and sign your name at the bottom on the line indicated “Signature of Witness”.
3. DO write in your initials if you make any corrections and/or cross anything out. This is also true for the Witness Statement.
4. DO ensure that you write in your Town and County at the bottom of the witness statement.
IMPORTANT DATES: JULY 8th – The FIRST DAY you can begin getting signatures.
AUGUST 15th – The LAST DAY to turn in petitions. You may turn in your petitions at any time before Aug. 15th and you may also send petitions in as you complete them.

Please forward our information and petitions to everyone! When you get 10 Signatures send them completely filled out to us by mail:

Life & Justice Party Headquarters
90 Delaware Ave.
Delmar, NY 12054

Thank You!
May God Bless this effort and all who stand with HIM