Faith Hope & Honesty

Faith Hope & Caring

A Party Where Truth Serves

Supporting Life & Justice

The Mission

Our mission is to be a voice for God’s people. To serve the Lord and to do His will in New York State. We will defend the lives of our most vulnerable & those among us who cannot speak to defend themselves.

Party Petition

We can start by getting 10 signatures of registered New York State voters each. WE WILL CREATE A NEW POLITICAL PARTY. A strong, necessary voice for you and our most vulnerable.


Once the Life and Justice Party has been approved by the nomination committee you will be able to make contributions. Your support in collecting petition signatures and volunteering is appreciated.

Life and Justice Party

Judeo-Christian Values

We are all created equal in God's eyes and are entitled to equal rights under the constitution and equal protection under the law. We will not allow our Constitutional rights to be continuously eroded away. People of faith and moral conviction must unify. Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and beliefs which we must turn back to now. New York State is in moral decline now more than ever before, but it is God's will that we turn this around through sincere repentance. Do you agree? If this is what you know in your heart to be true, join US!

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